Posted by: kgreenrealestate | December 31, 2011

Wood Heat/ pros & cons

Having been an avid wood burner for most of my Life, I can certainly attest to its good and bad.  One thing is for sure , it comes attached with Labor to heat with this fuel. Between the cutting, splitting and stacking if u choose to do so, as opposed to buying already pre cut & split, the man hours can add up pretty quickly.

I prefer wood heat, though, over any other simply because it warms the floors and is just overall a great feeling especially on those very cold winter days/nights of New England! Nothing like standing near a wood stove to the warm the bones and soul.   🙂

Caution should certainly be taken with this fuel, such as monitoring the creosote level in the flue, ash discarding, and to assure burning “seasoned” wood.

Ct has thus far had a mild season, temperature wise, but rest assure that this will change! Stay warm and safe, as we step into 2012, and Happy New Yr to all!!                                         


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