Posted by: kgreenrealestate | December 27, 2011

Holidays and Real Estate

I have to say this yr has been quite the yr! Real Estate has faired not to bad in the area of Ct in my opinion. With the holidays in full gear, reflection and anticipation, both come into play.
With the great tool of Facebook, it is quite apparent that it is still a decent market with plenty of activity despite what the nay saying media confesses. Viewings of homes are numerous,new Listings are popping up, and offers r being written!
2012 will certainly be an interesting time. Rates look like they r going to hold and values of houses r going to remain low or what in would like to think as STABLE…….
Christmas is a holiday season, that allows us to b grateful of family,health,prosperity, and last but not least-to take the time and count the many Blessings that we have experienced.
Real estate has always proven to b a good investment and will continue that way. I would like to wish ALL Happy Holidays & a great New Yr filled with many opportunities! 🙂


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