Posted by: kgreenrealestate | November 27, 2011

Realtor’s Life Lessons

In conversation last evening, I had mentioned something that was in my subconscious but never disclosed via mouth, that I recall, anyway. Being a Realtor for the past 11 yrs has taught me lessons that I use in my daily life that I may or may not have learned if I chose another Profession.

The art of negotiations, for one. This activity has assisted me in not only a monetary aspect, but also with overcoming obstacles in relationships and the “give and take” there of. Patience & Persistance, for two. The “never give up” attitude is certainly an assett in the Career of a Realtor and Life in general! Relationships, #3- this Biz has taught me the great importance of this precious comodity. The friends that have developed over the yrs thru transactions are a treasure, for sure…..

I feel very lucky to be able to profess that my “earning a living” situation has been one of many blessings in my life.

Have a great December beginning! If u are in New England, enjoy this fantastic weather!!   🙂                                          



  1. I have to say relationships are so important in life or business. To me, the most important things in life are not things….

    And Patience and Persistence is a MUST without a doubt. If you give up easily, being a Realtor is probably not going to be the right choice for you. I don’t even tell my wife about all the disappointments I face every day and yet, I go back for more everyday LOL.

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