Posted by: kgreenrealestate | November 2, 2011

Realtor’s Pay Cycle & Life

I was thinking this am about Realtors and their commission sales only Profession. You need to be quite a disciplinist on ur finances in this world of real estate!

A sales person might have a great month in Aug and dive bomb in Sept, hence bringing on a dive bomb in their wallets! I know, as I have been there, myself, as I’m sure many would admit, in this career.

A Realtor needs to plan far ahead with their debts (annually & monthly) to be able to weather the storm(s) in the days ahead of them. Isn’t this true in Life as well? The unfortunate thing is that most people do not “save for a rainy day” as our Moms and Dads preached to us! I would have to admit honestly, myself included to an extent….

It’s really shameful when u look at the stats about people who win the Lotto and are millionaires and turn out to be broke later on in Life. The “well” does run dry after a while.

On a more positive point, isn’t it a great thing that we r in a country where we can choose our Profession and being a Realtor, choose how much $ we can produce? What we do with that opportunity and the dollars we make is entirely up to us! LIFE IS GOOD!                                       


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