Posted by: kgreenrealestate | October 8, 2011

HOT Rental Market

In these recent 6 months, the rental mkt in the real estate biz has gone wild! Why? Well, to my opinion, for a number of reasons- the most prominent reason(my opinion) is credit issues. Buyers are unable to obtain a mortgage for some reason or other, so as a Realtor, it is much easier for me to negotiate with a Landlord on a not so perfect credit score, than to convince a bank to loan a mortgage.

Other happenings are the quantity of Divorces occuring, driving one or the other to leave the current residence until a resolvement can be obtained. Thirdly, is the current mkt conditions to sell a home. Sometimes it is best in the sellers position to rent the home.

Despite the situation, the fact remains that Rentals are a precious comodity in this real estate business. My thoughts are that this will probably continue for quite some time into the future, given the predictions on the horizon of economics! Happy Renting!                               


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