Posted by: kgreenrealestate | September 24, 2011

house vs home

With the experience of Real estate, and bringing up a family, thought I’d put a few words out there on this subject comparison. When a person(s) obtain a mortgage and purchase a house, that’s exactly what it is/ a pc of property.

Now, after the move in, painting begins, rugs laid and personal items are put in place, this real estate becomes a home. A place to raise a family possibly, or house pets, or just begin life with his or her “own” place! Sort of relates to the saying ” anyone can b a Father, but takes speciality to b a Dad“.

In selling this commodity, I’ve met many great people, and have returned to their HOME after they r settled in. It is very satisfying to see the transition of house to home, and knowing that I was a part of it! Yes, the American Dream of home ownership is greatly pleasing, and one of Life’s great opportunities!  🙂                                           


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