Posted by: kgreenrealestate | September 15, 2011

Sept 11th

As almost a week past the 10th yr anniversary of that tragic event, I feel that the media coverage on Sunday was great and the memorial at Ground Zero is an awesome tribute. Having that said, though, we as Americans, including myself need to remind and keep in our thoughts the senseless lives lost that day and not limit it to anniversaries of 9-11-01.

It was said on Sunday that Americans of all Nationalities came together to help each other, said Hello to strangers, and overall kept a Love amongst us right after the tragedy. I ponder why this on going isn’t in our daily lives? People should be willing to help others, say Hello to someone u may not know, etc.

Same goes for politics- Republicans & Democrats/ instead of worrying how each Party can better themselves and make their Party appear better than the other, why not work together to assist the Public, as they were elected to do? America is a Great Country and will continue to be so because of the Great People it consists of!

Have a great Fall Season!                                                                          



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