Posted by: kgreenrealestate | August 31, 2011

Staying Positive

Well, needless to say glad that Hurricane Irene is done and over with, at least storm wise! Listening to the weather reports last week, was something far from positive. I firmly believe that ur thoughts r what drives, and motivates which ultimately becomes ur destiny(s). Having that said, I opted not to listen anymore to them at a point because it was getting downright depressing!

My philosophy was that there is nothing more I could do to prepare for what was ahead, so if we were to get 3″ or 12″ of rain, so be it.  Positiveness is a great attribute of any successful individual. Staying positive on a daily basis, in this negative society, is certainly a challenge.

Take the Profession of a Realtor for example(odd that I would use, LOL). The economy, not good- Inspector, startled the Buyer at Inspection-Mortgage Officer,no commitment possible-Rates, going up, etc. All these possibilities, could send a Real Estate Professional into a state of Depression(especially if they all happened on the same deal!!) for sure.

To keep positive is a way of survival. Whatever u do in life, it certainly breeds success in every example. Good Luck to all needing to deal with the aftermath of Irene, and wishing everyone a Great September!                                                           






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