Posted by: kgreenrealestate | August 22, 2011

Critiquing a Home

In the Business of Real Estate, a Realtor representing Buyers can certainly attest to the difference in them. One Buyer can see thru the possible clutter of a home or condo, and another Buyer has difficulty in experiencing that vision.

Buyer “A” wants open floor plan and hard wood floors, Buyer “B” doesn’t care about the floor plan as long as it has a Garage and Basement. In either instances, Human nature possesses the need to critique our domains to our own likings and rightfully so, given a 30 yr attachment to  the investment!

In this current mkt, sweat equity should and more than likely, will, pay off in the future, once the mkt rebounds. Given the area of the home, individuals can realize a profit or at least a comfortable equity buffer in a home, by being smart in expenditures on the property.

Once again, the American Dream, is something that a person takes pride in & can be a joyful experience in bringing it to the level of satisfaction by Mr or Mrs Home owner. Whether a condo,residential home,commercial or land, improvements can be both satisfying personally, and provide a realized profit at the same time! Happy Housing to all Homeowners!!    🙂                                     


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