Posted by: kgreenrealestate | August 17, 2011

Real Estate and Current Economy

Prompted by an email I recently received about the state of the present economy, thought I’d throw a few thoughts on a “down” economy and the world of real estate.

Property has always been a good investment is a statement that is hard to argue with. As with the stock mkt, the real estate mkt has its ups and downs as well. Guess what though, given history tracing, this is the best time to purchase! It has been proven time and time again that serious money can be made, equity can be established, and with rent costs the way they r, anyone renting, that has the opportunity to purchase should step up to the plate and do so, in my opinion!

Home ownership is the American Dream, and real estate has been the backbone of the US economy throughout time. With interest rates 5% or less, sometimes under 4 even, what a perfect opportunity to, in fact, own a “roof over ur head!”

Good Luck to all and enjoy the remainder of the Summer/Labor Day is fast approaching!   🙂                                   


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