Posted by: kgreenrealestate | July 30, 2011

Short Sales/ sign of the times

This mkt has its challenges, more so, because of the qty of short sales out there. From a Seller point of view, it is a way to unburden them of the monthly mortgage that most time is a slow strangulation of finances, emotions and quality of life.

Whether it be: income loss or decrease, divorce, job relocation or downsizing, it can put the homeowner into this unfortunate, common event in these times. Short sales have less detriment on the credit of a person than foreclosure and should be considered seriously before letting it get to that point.

Buyers, on the flip side, SS may offer a great opportunity to obtain a home at a lower than mkt price, if they have the patience to wait it out. 3-6 months is a typical time frame for an answer on an offer from the bank involved that holds the mortgage.

Either situation, has its + and – but it is certainly here to stay for a while given the current mkt and state of the economy. I guess we need to look at the old scenario, do you see the glass half empty or half full??

Happy August to all!                                           


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