Posted by: kgreenrealestate | July 10, 2011

Real Estate & Relationships

Embarking on what soon will be my start of the 12th yr in business, I am astounded by the amount of new friendships that have come via real estate! The saying of treat people as u would like to b treated holds its weight in gold! After all, it is a win, win – Clients attain their goals, Realtor gets paid for job well done(hopefully) and another relationship is born!

Response, loyalty, sincerity and honesty are all parts of being a Realtor(my opinion) and Customers/Clients appreciate these traits. Referral business is an intricate part of a Realtor’s Career and when u come right down to it, the more relationships, the more referrals!

I wish all fellow Agents- Good Luck this Summer, and all Clients,Customers the hopefulness that your Realtor cherishes your Friendship as it is a great Blessing in the profession of Real Estate!                                                 


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