Posted by: kgreenrealestate | July 5, 2011

Seller wants home sold!

Current mkt conditions r sometimes elongating the List to Contract for purchase time frame. This can be frustrating for Mr/Mrs Seller & more than likely the Listing Agent,as well.

What to do? Price is more important than ever in this competitive mkt. If the price is where it should b, than exposure might b the dilemma. Internet today offers so many possibilities of syndication that Listing solicitation is a very hard thing to fathom! Open Houses r a great way to get the home presented to John Q Public, as well as exposing Open House thru the affiliated websites.

Creativeness is a key in getting a home in “front” of a potential Buyer. Local areas of attraction, Facebook, Close to Listing Colleges,and sometimes just plain old, networking ,with other Agents in the surrounding mkt place!

A Seller hires a Realtor to SELL their property and this means & takes effort on the Realtor aside from simply sticking the home on the Multiple Listing Service and praying for the right Buyer. Working together and accomplishing ur Sellers Goals will in turn assist a Listing Agent’s goals.

As Zig Ziglar once quoted: U can get everything out of  Life u want, if u just help enough people get what they want…..                                                        


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