Posted by: kgreenrealestate | July 3, 2011

Current Market Conditions

Ok, so it’s been quite a while on my Blogging efforts but ready to get back into it!

I know this sounds like a sales pitch or approach but it is SERIOUSLY the best time to purchase a home. I closed on a transaction a few weeks back that the Client obtained a home thru a short sale with instant 17000 in equity and a 4% interest rate! Ask them if it is not the right time! Opportunity is out there.

It is true that the banks are a little tougher on loans, but they are lending despite what the media has to say. CHFA with 100% financing is still there/FHA with 3.5% down is still there & Sellers are sometimes more pliable with their pricing because of the amount of choices in the market making it a “Buyer’s Market.”

With the average amount for rent in Central Ct being approx 1000 dollars, it makes much more sense to own if at all possible. What makes more sense? Putting $ in ur asset or the Landlords?

Being as though it is the 4th, this coincides with the American Dream- home ownership! So, enjoy the holiday, all, and Good Luck in the second half of 2011!                             


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