Posted by: kgreenrealestate | March 30, 2011

First Time Homebuyer Credit

This credit was predominant in the mkt about 1 yr ago, and many first time buyers took advantage of the non payback scenario. With “tax day” fast approaching, tax preparers need to make sure they have their proper paperwork from the mortgage officer to prove the purchase prior to the deadline of April/2010, to get the credit.

It certainly drove the Real Estate mkt business within that time period! That is not to say that the mkt is not busy at present time, as the Spring mkt is in full swing and with pricing & rates at all time lows, it certainly should continue from a common sense point of view.

Qualified members of the Armed Services have the option of taking advantage of this credit up to April/2011, because of the extension put in place for them because of their duty. This credit also, is a non payback, and is FREE money given by the Government.

Home Ownership is the One of the Great American Dreams, and should be implemented if financially possible in these unique market times!   



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