Posted by: kgreenrealestate | March 8, 2011

Winter’s Moisture!!

Connecticut’s winter this yr has been one that will certainly go down in history! With record snowfalls and this past week’s rain, the ground water % has to exceed 200! Thank God that Spring is 12 days away,per calendar date anyway!

From a Realtor’s point of view, this kind of weather pattern certainly plays a role with the market, as well as possibly razing havoc with home “shedding” of the H20! Although, I am not a Professional Licensed Inspector, I have experienced my share of Inspections, and learned a thing or 2 from them. First and foremost, sump pumps are our friends! So many Buyers hold their breath when they see them in the basement area, when in fact if there is a problem, isn’t it better to have a solution already in place?

Downspouts on the exterior should be installed as to let them to disperse the water far away from the foundation area. It only makes perfect sense that water 2-3′ out would be “better off” than dumping right near the basement walls. Grading of the land outside the foundation walls should be inclined to allow any roll off water to,again, be dispersed away, to help counter any possible cellar seepage.

On a recent trip to get my morning coffee from a drive thru, I spotted what looked like daffodils shooting thru the soil. What  a welcome sight! Happy Spring everyone!!     


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