Posted by: kgreenrealestate | February 18, 2011

Closing Day

So, the buyer’s closing day is fast approaching and the anxiety is flying in getting all done for the important day. Movers, homeowner’s insurance, last minute docs, funds to close, and switching utilities, are all part of the finalization of the home searching process.
The Movers should be someone that should be researched as early as possible, because of availability, pricing and service. End of the month, of course, is the busiest time for moving companies and should be given serious consideration in the planning.
Each company may offer different options on what they wrap, how and what they move, and costs involved in the variations. A Buyer could possible save some dollars by performing some of the preparation on the items.
Of course, if a Buyer is fortunate enough to have good, helpful friends, with a pick up truck, and or a rented moving van, they could save some serious $ by providing pizza and beer! It is a stressful day in deed, but once the day is over and the move is complete, Buyers would agree that it is well worth the time and effort!


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