Posted by: kgreenrealestate | January 25, 2011

Real Estate in a New England winter

This yr’s winter has certainly been an “old fashion” one, to say the least! With multiple inches of snow on the ground and cold temps, it reminds me of childhood winters in New England. Of course, back then, Real estate was not a part of my everyday life.

Winter weather can have positive and negatives in relation to home selling and buying. One of the positives is that Buyers out there in this season are (most times) seriously looking and interested in purchasing. A negative, from a seller’s point of view, would be the fact that a home doesn’t really show (outside,anyway) as well, putting a minus on “curb appeal”!

Positive=when conducting an inspection on a property, u certainly can tell if the Furnace is good working order and the roof is non -leaking ! True, these are extremes and unusual as far as snow levels and burdens on roofs, but none the less, it tells a story on condition. Negative=Open House planning/ winter storms do not make for active visitors!

The long and short is that we can’t control Mother Nature as we can’t control the Real Estate Mkt. What we can control, is how we handle these “cards” that are dealt to us. Best to remain positive has always been my thoughts as negatives only lead to more negatives! Stay Warm!!


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