Posted by: kgreenrealestate | January 13, 2011

Professional Home Inspections

Mr/Mrs Buyer have been looking for the right home and now have solidified an executed contract on said residence. And so, the process begins of a Real Estate transaction! One of the key items is to have an Inspection on the property as to alert or educate the Buyer of existing or future problematic situations.

I honestly have to say being a Realtor in my 11th yr., that I learn something new during this process almost every time( or maybe it’s renewed in my over 50 brain,not sure!) Anyway, I always stress to a Buyer that it is $ well spent, for sure. If not for the sake of getting items repaired or dollars credited due to what is found, it educates he or she on what can be done to maintain a home/condo as to avoid costly repairs by periodic maintenance.

I like to suggest Inspectors that I know will do just that, explaining examples of what could be done, in conjunction with known problems. A First Time Home Buyer is a great candidate for such info! It is certainly a GREAT feeling as a Realtor to know that your Buyer has the confidence in his/her Inspector and what is conveyed, with regards to your suggestion to use him or her! Happy & Prosperous New Yr!                               


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