Posted by: kgreenrealestate | January 3, 2011

Real Estate /Social Media

Social Media has definitely and will continually be a large part of the Business world. Marketing a product, service, or anything is just a “click or tab” away in this tech world we are a part of. When u think of just Facebook alone, and the amount of members it has grown to in such a short time, it is utterly amazing to me!!

The Selling and Purchasing of Real Estate is a large business and can only flourish by using these tools in the correct fashion. This, in my opinion, is the KEY-in the correct fashion. These sites are meant to build and continue relationships which could alternatively turn business to a Realtor thru referral.

A good Realtor knows the “gold” in referrals. At the same time, it is great for the Client as they can be assured that they know from a reliable source that the referred Realtor is a good one. I thoroughly enjoy the relationships I have built in the 11 yrs in the business and Social Media is a great way to stay & keep in touch!                             Great In Law Set UP! Central Ct Located…..


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