Posted by: kgreenrealestate | December 26, 2010

Spring market

Well, here it is day after Christmas and thoughts of the New Yr and what is ahead. With interest rates at the present level, and hopefully they stay in that area, it promises to be a great Spring market! Real Estate “Spring” is usually mid to end of February, although the weather pattern (snow,etc.), quantity, has much to do with Buyers behavioral patterns!

Much Inventory is typical as many Sellers believe that it is the time to List, and market their home, rather than trying the process during the Holiday season. With this in mind, Buyers have lots of choices, and at the same time, can be particular in their selection. Sellers should put their “best foot forward” in this time of market, because of this information. Price and producing the WOW factor in the home is very important!

2010 was not a bad yr in real estate at all, given the doom and gloom the media likes to portray. It is definitely a different mkt. but deals have been made and closed, through sometimes, diligent efforts of a Good Realtor and Lender! Happy 2011! 


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