Posted by: kgreenrealestate | October 25, 2010

Rent vs Buy

With the courant interest rates at 5% or below in the Mortgage world, I am at somewhat of a loss as to why there are not more Buyers out investigating the options. When it is a considerable possibility that a person in the rental world is paying to a Landlord what they could be paying to a lending institution, doesn’t really make sense to do so!

Tax write-offs on Mortgage interest, pride of ownership, building an asset, and being able to construct or redo your residence,to your own liking, are all reasons to OWN. CHFA still offers a 100% finance vehicle, if the FHA of 3.5 % down payment isn’t feasible.

Values are down, which means that purchasing could offer a nice return on investment, when the time comes to sell. All in all, real estate has proven over history, to be a good investment and with rates/values where they are, I believe that it is truer than ever at this current time!


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