Posted by: kgreenrealestate | October 4, 2010

Home Heating

With the calendar stating OCT. it is not to soon to start thinking about cold weather and heating bills. In the Northeast, there are 3 main sources of fuel. Oil, Gas and electric, each having their advantages, disadvantages, in my opinion.

Oil can be the most unpredictable in cost per gallon, depending on the mkts. The thing to do economically is to lock in at a price that will carry u thru the cold weather season. It used to be pretty common with companies to practice, but in recent past, may be difficult to find such an option because of non participation or if found may not be economical.

Gas, from my experience, although not thru my own personal use, seems to be economical. The sometimes, problem, I have discovered with Buyers and this type of fuel is their fear or apprehension of its use. They have either experienced a negative episode in their life with its use or heard of someone who has.

Electric has the concept of being the “pricey” fuel for heat. Fact of the matter is, though, that homes/condos with this type usually have individual thermostats in each room, allowing for cost effectiveness with its use. If the room is not being used, then shut down the thermostat, thus saving “fuel”

Of course, the tighter the home is to the outside exposure, the more economical it will be to heat the home. Wood burning Fireplaces can add to the comfort but it’s important to keep in mind that most of the heat produced by them go up the flue, unless the home owner has a heat capture/blower system in place. While on the subject of wood fuel, I’ve seen a lot of homes supplement their gas,oil, or primarily electric with wood or pellet stoves. I myself have burned wood in a stove and find it very warm and comforting in the COLD winter days/nights!

Fall is my favorite season! Please take time to enjoy the foliage as it is one of Nature’s spectacular displays, and it seems to pass quickly!!


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