Posted by: kgreenrealestate | September 26, 2010

House vs Condo

What to live in? ?  Residential homes offer their own personally owned yard, where condos have what is called “common space” that is community shared for the most part. There are, of course, pros and cons on both sides “of the fence.” Maintainance of said yard for instance is the owner’s responsibility, whether it be home owner or condo association.

Condo fees are paid(to a condo association) on a monthly basis to satisfy the cost of lawn upkeep,trash, maintenance, snow, and depending on the complex, heat and hot water. For an occupant, of either type of dwelling, he or she has the choice of deciding which is best for their type of lifestyle. Some inhabitants get a “pride of ownership” in manacuring their own lawn and landscaping and may use it as a sense of relaxation or relief of stress. Others may simply choose to let someone else hold the burden, in the case of Condo living. Most complexes will have a certain area that a homeowner can landscape directly outside their unit, so Condo owners could have the best of both worlds, in this instance.

Some Associations offer pools, tennis courts, recreation areas, entertainment halls, etc. that are included for their monthly condo fee, which in my opinion is a bonus to that style of residence. Neighbor closeness is a definite in Condos, which should be taken into consideration when choosing between the 2 types.

Depending on the individual, couple, or family, either style may accommodate their needs, and provide a Great HOME! As indicated, some consideration should be taken, given the particular lifestyles.


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